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Service Department

Bicycle Service and Repair

Whether you need your pivots serviced, suspension serviced, brakes bled, derailleur adjusted, or a custom hand built wheelset, Cal Coast Bicycles has the expert knowledge to get the job done. We've prepared this chart of our most popular services and repairs. Please contact us any time. Or, even better, bring your bike in to discuss which package or service is appropriate. We have a dedicated service writer to expedite check-in. This allows our techs to focus completely on getting your bike repaired and returned as quickly as possible.  Turnaround times are typically a week or less. We can often accommodate "urgent" requests. Please let us know if you purchased your bike from Cal Coast, our bikes are always expedited. All the prices below are for labor only and do not include parts (unless noted). 

Due to low quality and lack of manufacturer support, we do not service the following bikes: Department Store Bikes, Amazon bikes and any E-Bike brands we do not currently sell.

Flat Repairs- Due to storage constraints, we do not check in bikes for flat repairs (unless done with other services). When available, we will perform this task while you wait (15-45mins). It's never a bad idea to call first.

Service Packages

Full Tune-Up 


($95 for the original owner of bikes purchased from Cal Coast)

Basic Tune-Up plus:

Full Bike Wash

Drivetrain Removed for Deep Cleaning

Apply Spray Polish

Discount on certain other labor charges/parts installations

Basic Tune-Up


(Free for the original owner of bikes purchased from Cal Coast)

Safety Check plus:

True Both Wheels

Adjust Front and Rear Derailleurs

Adjust Front and Rear Brakes

Adjust Headset, Bottom Bracket and Hubs

Discount on certain other labor charges/parts installations

Heavily soiled bikes or drivetrains may require a Full Tune-Up

Safety Check


Safety Check includes:

Inspect Bike for Safe Operation

Advise on any Recommended Service


Popular A La Carte Services (All prices quoted are minimum charges. Many of these services are included or discounted with packages above. A more accurate price will be given when we see the bike)


Install Tire or Tube $20+

Install Tubeless Tire (Inc Sealant) $25+

Install Tubeless Tire (Inc Taping Rim) $35+

True Wheel $30+ 

Handbuilt Wheel(Does not include removal of cassette, rotor or tire) $100

Overhaul Front Hub $50

Overhaul Rear Hub $80 


Adjust Rim Brake $30

Install/Adjust Rim Brake Pads $40

Bleed Disc Brake (Inc Fluid) $45

Install/Adjust Disc Brake Pads(includes Bleed) $60

Install/Adjust Disc Brake $70


Adjust Derailleur $30

Install Cranks/BB $50

Replace Cassette $30

Replace Pedals $15

Replace Chain $30

Front End

Adjust headset $20

Replace Fork $60

Replace Headset $60


Fork Seal Service $70

Air Sleeve Service $60

Remove/Replace Shock $30

Pivot Service $175

Other Services

Box Bike for Shipping $150+

Build/Tune Bike That Was Packaged for Shipment $120+

Assemble/Tune New Bike (Not a Pro-Build) $150+

Pro-Build $225-$300

Install Rear Rack $30

Install Child Carrier (Must Meet Safety Standards) $40

Install Dropper Post $65